The trendy colors of autumn on the nail-art

This fall, it is not the shades of burgundy, blue or gray that are the favorites of trendsetters but rather shades that are usually more suitable for the summer season! In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you ideas.


2022 will indeed be the year of green. After the crowning glory of the avocado green that has covered our nails all summer, it’s the turn of the khaki to make itself appreciable!


Orange is the spring-summer color par excellence. The one that gives a healthy glow, that adds spice to a manicure, that makes a nail-art radiant! It’s a pity, finally, that it is confined to a single period of the year.

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The color that trendsetters have chosen this season is brown. We can be a little reluctant at first, but just like khaki, once we come across the right inspiration photo, we want to dive into it with both feet!

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