How to prevent ingrown toenails?

While some people are naturally more prone to ingrown toenails than others, it is possible to adopt good daily habits to avoid them and maintain healthy feet. Today, the wholesale nail supply distributors will tell you how to prevent ingrown toenails.

Here are some tips to avoid going through the “ingrown toenail” box:

– Proper nail trimming is essential: you must be careful not to cut it too short, or in a semi-circle, which encourages regrowth under the skin. As a reminder, whether cut with round-tipped scissors or nail clippers, toenails must be cut straight, and form a 90° angle with the skin. The nail should ideally protrude 2 to 3 millimeters.

– Choose comfortable shoes, adapted to your foot, to limit friction and trauma when walking. For example, wear sandals, which will allow the foot to breathe and eliminate impact on the bottom of the shoe, whenever possible.

– Wear cotton socks to limit sweating. You can also avoid these types of problems by using daily nail and foot care products specially formulated for this type of problem.

– Soothe your ingrown toenail with natural care. It is recommended that you invest in some manicure and pedicure sets to take care of your feet on a daily basis.

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