Why do nails turn yellow?

Among the aesthetic problems of the nail, yellowing is more annoying when you want to keep your nails bare and without varnish. Why do nails turn yellow? Is there any harm to our health? Don’t panic, this article will explain everything to you.

Yellowed nails from smoking

People who smoke regularly often have yellow nails. It is the nicotine which has the effect of yellowing the fingers, but also the teeth of regular smokers. We advise smokers to always paint their nails, this will help avoid this type of unsightly pigmentation by protecting the nail plate.

Nail fungus

Nail fungus is known to attack toenails, but it can also attack fingernails. It is characterized by redness of the cuticles, yellowing or whitening of the nail plate, and sometimes even signs of infection.

Yellow nails, a sign of a serious illness

Sometimes, yellowing of the nail can have more serious causes. It can be caused by jaundice, tuberculosis, diabetes or even the appearance of psoriasis. If the yellowing of the nail is associated with other symptoms, or if traditional tips do not quickly put an end to this aesthetic discomfort, consult your doctor.

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Using poor quality products yellows the nails

As I tell you in many of my articles, using quality manicure supplies for your nails is essential. For example, we note a yellowing of the nail plate in people who have used a low-quality semi-permanent varnish.

If you want to invest in some nail products, check out nail supply stores to see where they carry the manicure products you’re looking for. I also advise you not to insist too much on filing the top of the nail. Too much or poorly done filing makes the nail porous and receptive to unsightly pigmentation.

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