How to push your cuticles properly to enlarge the nail?

For a perfect beauty of the nails, the cuticles are the crucial and yet underestimated elements. To get a bigger, more beautiful nail, more suitable for applying nail polish… You must take care of your cuticles. Zoom on the technique to learn how to properly push your cuticles. Let’s go !

A cuticle is a kind of junction that makes the link between the skin and the nails, hands or feet. The cuticle is actually a layer of cornea, epidermis and water. It develops in the form of a transparent plate which invites itself on the base of the nail. it protects the root of the nail. Thus, the cuticle protects against dirt, dust, bacteria or other intrusion from the outside. In other words, it helps prevent infections.

However, from an aesthetic point of view, the excessive presence of cuticle hinders the application of varnish. And even worse, the cuticles come to “shorten” the nail and therefore give a less elegant appearance to the hand.

here are the elements you need to push back your cuticles without danger or damage:

  • a bowl
  • warm to hot water
  • a cuticle pusher
  • a nail file

Here’s how to do it, easily:

  1. fill a bowl with warm to hot water.
  2. soak your fingers (nails and cuticles) for 1 to 5 minutes.
  3. take your fingers out of the bowl, and the cuticles are softened. Dry the nails.
  4. take the cuticle pusher and gently push the cuticles towards the skin to enlarge the base of the nail. Be careful not to press too hard or attack the nail. Use a wooden stick at an angle so as not to be too direct in your handling
  5. use a cuticle cutter to remove the pieces of dead skin
  6. apply a special cuticle nourishing oil.

Be careful, however, during your manipulations: never cut the cuticles with a nail clipper and do not go too far either with the stick. The goal is to enlarge the base of the nail, but not to weaken or attack the skin or the nail itself. If you use a nail clipper, you can weaken and even attack the thin and fragile skin at the base of the cuticles.

Hoping that these steps have inspired you and that they will make you want to try! Meanwhile, Equipment is also very important, and make sure you have complete manicure kits for ready use. To get the essentials to make your own manicures: click here.

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