How to repair and strengthen your nails?

Soft, brittle, streaked nails… the quality of our nails is not always at the best and this has a considerable impact on our morale and the staying power of our nail polish. Don’t panic,  the nail expert Maryton will give you some reflexes to adopt to repair and strengthen them.

  • Strengthen your nails from the inside. An unbalanced diet poor in nutrients essential for the proper growth of nails can weaken them. Make sure to consume foods rich in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements: calcium, zinc, iron… but also B vitamins – such as Biotin, which is essential for the production of keratin. They are found in particular in brewer’s yeast, salmon, liver, wheat germ, nuts and cheese.
  • Set up a moisturizing and nourishing routine between two color applications. Give your nails revitalizing breaks between colored manicures. After removing make-up with a gentle remover, apply a few drops of complete serum and gently massage them until absorbed.
  • One last tip and not the least: don’t skip the base coat, even if you don’t wear colored varnish. This protective layer is essential to protect your nails from humidity and prevent them from dehydrating or turning yellow if you apply color. And it is also the guarantee of better hold for your colors.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets to care for your hands.

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