Unique Color Combinations You Would Not Think to Wear Together

No matter the time of the year, I always love to wear unlikely color combinations.
Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing typical color combinations as well, but there’s something about pairing two unique colors together and really catching people’s attention.
If you love pairing unlikely color combinations together too, this list is made for you.
I’ve compiled a list of colors that look great together, but most people wouldn’t think to wear!


Weirdly enough, this is actually a very unique color combination.
You wouldn’t think that it would be considering both coral and pink both come from the same red color family.
That may just be why most people don’t think to pair them together.
When I think of coral and pink, I think of a light pink dress paired with long coral women’s trench coat.
Doesn’t that just scream sophistication and drama?
I love it!


This color combination probably sounds really out of this world to most people, but hear me out.
Fall is the time of the year when muted and darker colors are so in style.
Aren’t you sick of your usual blacks and browns?
Try a burnt orange instead, and pair it with a deep purple color.
For this combination, I picture something like a burnt orange turtleneck paired with a purple pencil skirt.


Most people don’t pair black and blue together, mostly because we’ve been taught not to and also because of the negative connotation that this particular color combination has always carried with it.
That being said, it’s such a perfect color combination for winter.
Whether you’re pairing black with an icy blue or a deep, navy blue, these similar but so different colors are sure to turn heads!


In the autumn, everyone wears olive.
It’s just a go-to color that we all can’t get enough of, myself included!
I don’t know about you, but when I wear olive I usually lean towards neutrals to wear alongside of it.
That’s why I love this color combination so much!
The colors pair perfectly and it’s such a fun, bright pop when we’re so used to neutral colors with this olive shade!


Again, olive is a great color that doesn’t get enough love in the whacky color-pairing department.
I absolutely love the idea of wearing olive and pink together.
Whether you’re going for light, baby pink or something more bright and eye-catching, this is a color combination that you can’t pass up on this year.
That’s another thing that I absolutely love about it—you can wear this color combination no matter the season because it will always look great!


I especially love pairing these two colors together in the colder months of the year.
I love Christmas colors as much as the next girl, but there’s something so inviting about these two colors, especially when paired together, that really makes me want to be cozy during the cold months!


What is it about gray and yellow that pairs so perfectly together?
Of course, it’s everywhere in baby bedrooms on Pinterest, but why aren’t we all running to wear as much of the color combination as possible?
I think that it’s such a great combination no matter the time of the year.
The bright yellow works well during spring and summer, and the gray helps brings out the more muted tones in fall and winter.
No matter what you want to wear, yellow and gray are the colors to choose!

What are your favorite unique color combinations? Will you try any of these out? Let me know in the comments!

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