Wake up your tired nails with Japanese manicure

Let’s face it, the unconditional love we have for semi-permanent or gel-based manicures can be damaging to our nails. They tend to become brittle, fragile and lose their robustness. However, there would be an ideal solution for our abused hands – Japanese manicure. This natural method promises to make our nails healthy and full of vitality.

Japanese manicure takes up the popular concept of layering in Asia, which is a multi-layered approach to skin care. It provides deep hydration for our nails. Ideally, we carry out this ritual between two applications of varnish, semi-permanent or false nails, thus strengthening our cuticles before a new application.

How to do a Japanese manicure?

Creating a Japanese manicure at home can be done, provided you have all the necessary manicure kits. Otherwise, the option of going to the institute and entrusting our hands to a professional is recommended. The process begins by filing the nails, followed by the application of a nourishing paste composed of keratin, vitamins A and E and a mixture of vegetable oils. With a buffing block covered in chamois, the nail is polished with the paste, allowing it to eliminate impurities and deeply nourish it.

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The rest of the protocol involves soaking your hands in soapy water to soften the cuticles. After the hands are dried and the cuticles pushed back, a new polishing phase is carried out with a specific powder to exfoliate the surface of the nail and reveal its shine. The result is almost instantaneous with nails that regain their shine and natural pink color.

Enjoy all the benefits of Japanese manicure

The Japanese manicure ritual usually ends with a hand massage using a moisturizing cream. Kits specially designed for this manicure are available, but it is also possible to use specific products offered by brands specializing in this area such as Maryton. What are you waiting for? Take action now!

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