How to Apply Gel Nail Polish in Few Steps?

How to apply semi-permanent nail polish? A very frequent question on the internet and on social networks. Because the new frontier of reconstruction is gel polish: thinner and more natural than reconstruction gel, but also more elastic and delicate. Brands such as Maryton brought this product into vogue and made it a fashionable must have for all women, of all ages.

For this reason it is essential, for every valid nail technician but also for many beauticians and young professionals, to know the correct technique of applying semi-permanent nail polish in few steps.

Manicure and filings

The first essential step for the correct application of gel polish is a valid care of the nails. First of all, we start with a light filing on the natural nails. Then, together with the customer, we agree on the shape to be adopted: gel polish is more delicate than UV gel nail reconstruction, therefore it is suitable for shorter nails, with a rounded or square shape.

Then, we proceed to the elimination of the cuticles, pushing them slowly and without too much force towards the inner edge, with the help of a natural stick. This product can easily be purchased in perfumery or on websites dedicated to nail care and manicure supply.

Finally, a light buffered filing, a very delicate and not very abrasive matting brick, will prepare the nails for the primer, an ad hoc “clinging” base for semi-permanent nail polish.

Primer and drying

The second phase of applying the semi-permanent product concerns the primer: there are different base products for semi-permanent products, some dry in the air in a few seconds, while others can be catalysed in a lamp. The choice is up to the nail technician and the customer, but certainly a base that dries in a UV lamp is more resistant, ideal for those suffering from brittle nails or nail biting. In all other cases, a normal primer will be perfect.

Choice and drafting of color

The colors available are really many, and for all tastes and styles. Many women, even very young ones, appreciate “classic” colors such as bright red, nude beige or pink. Surely these shades adapt to many different contexts, from day to night.

The nail polish must be applied to the entire nail, just like a simple traditional nail polish, and it must be dried in a UV lamp, for at least one minute, or LED, for 30-40 seconds. For a fuller and more defined color we recommend a double application (with double catalysis of the product).

Finish and glossy

The final step involves the application of a polishing and sealing gel, which must be catalysed in the lamp. To make natural nails more resistant to bumps and scratches, you can also make a double application of the product.

Once dry and perfectly smooth, the nails are ready for the last pampering of the semi-permanent manicure: the application of a good scented oil for cuticles. The most popular and purchased ones smell of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, and make the nails even more shiny.

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