Porcelain or American nails, which manicure to choose?

Hand beauty requires not only care and hydration, but also an ideal manicure to enhance the beauty of your fingers. Like a real facial morphology session, professional nail supply store is at your disposal to offer you the ideal manicure for the beauty of your hands.

Most popular manicures of the moment:Porcelain & American

Porcelain nails

Porcelain manicure consists of applying false nails (capsules) or not to your natural nails and covering them with porcelain powder (natural or colored). This technique allows you to obtain long and strong nails with a shiny and elegant appearance.

Little-known and yet the most durable technique, porcelain offers you a more uniform and less artificial than other types of gel or false nails. What’s more, it protects your natural nails from breakage or chipping. However like any manicure and especially false nails, it requires regular maintenance of manicure supplies.

The top of fashion: the American pose

The American pose uses a capsule technique which offers a more flexible appearance than the porcelain manicure. This technique, placed on your nail like an extension, offers a major competitive advantage, as it does not require any shaping work.

Lighter, more comfortable, the nails are therefore easier to wear on a daily basis. You can choose the shape, length, color or patterns, enough to offer a style that suits you or please yourself with seasonality. Super popular and often quicker than applying varnish, this super fashionable manicure also provides a certain artistic freedom to our beauticians.

However, be careful of unpleasant surprises, the American pose remains an ephemeral pose dedicated to dressing your hands for only 3-4 weeks.

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