Semi-permanent varnish: which color to choose?

Semi-permanent nail polish comes in as many colors as classic nail polish. We have a selection of colors for you to try out in this blog!

Timeless colors

Some colors remain as much loved over the years and over the seasons. This is particularly the case for nude colors with natural and light tones, such as white, beige or powder pink. Red is also one of the basics to have in your nail polish collection.

The trendy colors to adopt

The Green Quetzal is a tropical green, similar in plumage to the quetzal, a bird that can be seen in the rainforests of Costa Rica. With this green, you will have everything you need to bring a little exoticism to your hands!

Metallic varnish is becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s silver, rose gold or gold, we’re all fans of it. The metallic semi-permanent varnish will allow you to add a little glam rock to your outfits.

Pearl varnishes, with their pearly reflections, are also popular this year! Whether milky white or pale pink, pearl polish will allow you to enjoy a little romantic manicure.

OK! I believe that you already have the color you want to choose in your heart. If you don’t have nail tools, it is recommended to visit our nail supply store with plenty of manicure and pedicure sets. I believe that you will not be disappointed!

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