Beautiful feet in summer

At the beach, there is no longer any question of hiding your little toes under big shoes. So, we anticipate and we pamper our feet to stroll without complex on the hot sand. Even if we make some efforts in summer, podiatrists are unanimous: we don’t take care of our feet enough. Do you know how to have beautiful feet in summer? Here are 4 tips for baby feet.

Professional  Disposable Pedicure Kit

If this year you’ve neglected to take care of your feet, don’t panic, you can get baby feet back in no time with these 4 beauty tips.

  • We soften them. Three weeks before going on vacation, apply a moisturizer every night.
  • We relax them, every evening, we massage the soles of the feet with both hands in the direction of venous return. Then, we apply small pressures with the fingers, before stretching the toes one by one.
  • The corners are rounded. We cut the nails, then file them to shape them with a nail file. Using a wooden stick, push back the cuticles.
  • We go to bed early, only two or three times a week if the thought of going to bed at 9:30 p.m. every night gets you down. And without a screen or disruptive light sources, is activated by lack of sleep.

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