The beauty of natural feet

Summer is getting closer and closer, and in many regions it’s time to bring out the little open sandal. Yes, but winter has passed by and you really can’t assume the appearance of your feet when it comes out?

Here are a few tips to get them back on their feet and display them proudly in town and at the beach:

Foot Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin Callus Remover and Scrubber
  • Take a foot bath, and they also have the right to their cocooning moment. Add coarse salt to hot water, and possibly a few drops of lavender essential oil and relax.
  • After the bath, let’s move on to sanding with the pumice stone from the brand of Maryton. Without having dried the feet beforehand, exfoliate using circular movements. Concentrate mainly on heels and corns but without stripping too much.
  • To remove all the dead skin, you can also add a scrub part to your sanding, which can be done on the whole foot. Coffee grounds and vegetable oil will be enough to make your homemade scrub, rub your feet, your ankles.
  • Once the deep care part is over, dry your feet carefully (be careful not to forget the gaps between the toes) and apply organic coconut oil or a good vegetable butter.
  • There are quite thin socks that are specially designed to maximize hydration of the feet, and you can sleep just fine with socks and your butter.
  • The next day wake up with soft and hydrated feet ready to shine in sandals or flip-flops!

Further advice:

it is important to hydrate your feet and your body in general, every day when you can. Always be sure to trim your nails regularly. If you wear varnish, do not neglect the base on your nails before applying it, this will prevent you from damaging them.

As shown above, start care for your feet regularly with your professional manicure kits! If you want to know more about foot care products, please take a look at our  website.

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