My routine for hydrated feet

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In winter, our feet being hidden in our boots, we tend to forget them in our beauty routine. However, they need to be pampered all year round too! To support all our weight, the skin of our little feet is thicker and harder than on the rest of our body. Our feet are very rich in sweat glands and fatty tissue.

Moreover, friction with socks, tights and shoes can accentuate this dehydration and cause overheating, calluses, corns, calluses, cracks and/or cracks, which can be quite unsightly. In this article, we are going to give you 4 tips to overcome this problem. Take out your pedicure kit and follow us!

1) Soften it up a bit

First of all, before starting your beauty routine, take a foot bath in warm water. Water softens the skin, it is ideal for removing dead skin more easily.

2) We exfoliate

What is our best ally for eliminating dead skin? It’s exfoliation, of course! This step of the routine is very important because it will eliminate dead cells and calluses.

3) The mask to repair your feet in depth

After exfoliating, we move on to the next step, that is to say: the mask! It will repair and deeply nourish the skin.

4) Hydrate with moisturizers

We arrive at the final stage to find your most beautiful feet! A step that is the basis of all beautiful skin: hydration. Glycerin and urea are known for their moisturizing and emollient actions, ideal for normal to dry feet.

There you go, end of the basic routine to take care of your feet and slip them into pretty shoes! Moreover, to discover more foot care products to care for your nails just click our Matyton nail supply.

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