Holiday manicures: glittery nails

Rhinestones, gold leaf, iridescent particles and duo chrome effects: this year, it’s impossible to miss a luminous and glittery manicure! In this article, we offer four ways to wear these polishes as well as a selection of shades.

In “accent nail”

Perform a classic manicure and apply a layer of your glitter polish only on your ring fingers or your little fingers. You can lay it alone on these nails or over your chosen color for the rest of your manicure.

Like a french

Give it a little festive touch by putting your glitter lacquer on the end of your nails. For this nail art to be really perfect, they should neither be too long nor too short.

On bare nails

The sequins are also very pretty on a natural base, for a very delicate transparent manicure. Remember to apply a protective base beforehand so that the particles do not cling to your nails.

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In full look

You can also wear your glitter polish on all your nails. In this case, calm things down on the make-up side. With too much glittering beauty, you can quickly go overboard.

Our tip for removing your nail polish: leave your cotton soaked in nail polish remover on for a little longer. In this way, the varnish will have time to dissolve and your nails will be much less attacked by repetitive friction.

All right! Take out your manicure supply and try it out right now! Moreover, to discover more products to realize your Halloween nail art just click our Matyton nail supply.

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