How do I take care of my hands and nails?

We think about caring for our body and keeping it firm, taking care of our face and keeping it young, but we should not neglect the beauty of our hands and nails. Having elegant hands, with good, well-groomed nails, gives a good impression of you. But, how to take care of it too?

You should remember to moisturize your hands and have a manicure regularly. Their skin is quite thin and tends to dry out. There are targeted creams for hand hydration. After washing your hands with soap, or after doing the dishes, apply a cream to your hands that will keep them soft and delay the effects of skin aging. Using the professional manicure supplies to give your hands and nails a good care and shape.

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To have well-groomed nails, start by eating a diet rich in calcium and mineral salts. This will strengthen them durably and make them more resistant. To boost their vitality, all you need to do is immerse them in hot water for a few minutes. A little lemon juice will whiten them. Remove the small skin on the side of your nails after massaging them with moisturizer. 

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