Mongda: A Wireless Charger up to 10W

MongDa is certainly not a known name in the field of technology. But this Chinese start-up has Harda Group behind it, the same as the excellent Pamu Scroll earphones. MongDa has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for a new high-speed wireless charger, available at this stage of development at a cost of € 26.

Behind this product are the same engineers who, for Belkin, have made the iPhone wireless charger, an experience that can also be seen in the new device. We are not faced with a low quality product, but with a complete, fast and efficient charging system, equipped with an active dissipation system to cool the phone, thus preserving the health of the battery.
At the point where the smartphone is placed, MongDa has placed a ceramic insert, which conceals a small aluminum plate, dissipated by a fan. During our product test the noise generated by the fan remained close to zero, thanks also to the special adjustments made by the engineers. The presence of a sensor capable of detecting the brightness of the environment is interesting. During night charging, the system automatically lowers the speed of energy transfer to limit temperatures, turning off the fans to increase acoustic comfort.

The charger uses the Qi charging standard, very widespread and compatible with Android smartphones and iPhone. The charging speed is up to 10W with Android devices and up to 7.5W for Apple devices. During charging, checks are carried out on voltage, temperature and any short circuits, in case of positive feedback the system switches off automatically.
As far as we have seen during daily use, the product works well, keeping the phone fresh while it is being charged, thanks to the fan, present but not noisy. The funding campaign will end in 11 days and the goal of € 8,957 for funding now appears affordable.

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