Do You Know Those Ads on Facebook “Throw AirPods Because There is Better”?

PaMu Scroll

Well, I can’t say it’s a solemn bullshit. However…

Yes, I’m talking about the PaMu Scroll. I let myself be enchanted by advertising. However, to my partial justification, I saw that it was the new version of a producer that had already met with some success with the first version and several sites (obviously they are “editorials” but do not write it) spoke very well. And then the price (less than 80 USD including shipping costs) was definitely acceptable to test them.

So, let’s start by saying that my iPhone X doesn’t have bluetooth 5.0 and therefore, perhaps, I can’t fully enjoy the quality of these headphones. However, I have some doubts.


Let’s start with the weight: they are not very light. When you do physical activity they tend to “run away” from your ear. It’s a feature of true wireless in ear earphones without any headband.

Overall dimensions: although they are quite small, they are not under the helmet.

Connection: every once in a while you have to fight for them to connect properly. When it happens you have to dissociate them and start again with the pairing procedure (which, however, is very fast to tell the truth);

Technological choices: but why, if I am obliged to use the right earpiece in mono mode, can I invoke Siri only from the left earpiece?


Sounds good: Good bass (unz unz we like it) and crystal clear highs. Not bad.

I can’t think of anything else.


Here, since this is not a review of the PaMu Scrolls but a criticism on the advertising claim, we come now to what should be thrown away.

The AirPods (GLI AirPods, because Apple has decided that it is gender neutral, not feminine).

My personal Christmas miracle.

Ehggià, because my trusty (probably tired of seeing me spend money on earphones-of which-are-not-totally-satisfied) has fainted to give it to me.

Another planet.

You use one, then decide to put the other one too, then take it off and put it in its box / charger and the other continues to work by itself, you can configure the gestures (but limited to a double tap on each of the two earphones ) from the iPhone bluetooth settings … They are light, really cool. They work great, the sound is great, they are under the helmet and whoever has the standard Apple headphones knows very well that you can run or jump is there.

In short, they cost a kidney but it’s really worth it. Other than throwing them away.

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