PaMu Slide: Stylish, Sporty TWS Headphones with Terrible 10 Hours Battery

PAMU – a name that is no stranger to those who “play” fundraising on Indiegogo (IGG). Although only a new soldier, Pamu Version 1 and Pamu Scroll version 2 were “really storming” all over the world. Especially in the Pamu Scroll version, it raised a huge amount of money – more than $ 3 million and became the most-raised TWS headset on IGG so far.

And this time with a bigger ambition, Pamu Slide – the next version with the nickname of “Airpod Black” or “Airpods Killer” will be able to be established sometime in the new year, it has any significant upgrades. Please discover it, too!


In version 1 – Pamu X13, the charger box and both headphones look quite big and rough looking like earrings, to version 2- Pamu Scroll really hit the psychology of people who like compactness, then to the version 3 – Pamu Slide, changed completely new design. The charger box is quite large similar to version 1, but it changes from rounded to square (Squircle) a design that catches up with the modern design trend but has a big grip when compared to the charging boxes of other products. Compact in the palm.

Just like the previous version “name says it all”, if the Scroll uses “scroll” to close / open the charging box, Slide uses “slide” up and down to do it.

On the top of the lid, you will see that it looks like a small speaker that looks pretty, but if you look and touch it, it is a silver-plated mesh to mimic the metal look like the slit of the speaker.

PaMu Slide: Stylish, Sporty TWS Headphones with Terrible 10 Hours Battery

Every time you take the earphones out, there will be 4 LEDs (looking like 4 diamonds) that light up to indicate how much the battery capacity of the charger is.

The side of the product is a convenient USB type C charging port, supporting fast charging, and a special button I will talk about later.

As for the headset, in this new design you’ll see Pamu Slide will carry the same direction as the free Ticpod or Airpod. It “sacrificed” the Pamu Scroll’s compact design in exchange for a larger, “manly” and more sturdy device. If the airpod is as effeminate as the girl, then Pamu Slide is like a gentleman. Its housing caused it to be slightly bigger than the airpod, but it would be better.

With this hook and in-ear design, Pamu Slide’s ear grip will be much better than Scroll or airpod, you can freely exercise without fear of dropping the headset. For those who are used to wearing the airpod, the in-ear style is itchy, but you can still wear it out and still feel attached to your ear. The scroll that wears a “slack” style like this probably eats the land.

For those who are accustomed to wearing Airpod, they will feel heavier when wearing Slide. I gave it to a girlfriend who has not used the airpod ever but uses headphones often, it is normal to wear a Slide, so I think the male wear will not be a problem.

The upper housing of the headset also has a rubber coating outside of the function that decorate it, it also helps to reduce the possibility of failure if it accidentally drops the product to the ground. Of course dust is also easier to attach on this rubber cover.

Pamu Slide’s talking mic moved to the inside of the headset. I like this design better than the Pamu scroll’s openly designed Mic design on the outside with conspicuous flaws in some conditions.

In addition, on the headset Pamu Slide also equipped with each headset adds a quite special Mic, said to be Mic perceived ambient sound with Qualcom’s cVc (Clear Voice Capture) technology. A great improvement for Pamu Slide during this upgrade.

The external in-ear design keeps the earphones more robust, and it also helps with better ambient sound insulation. Understanding how it might be uncomfortable to use headphones, this time Pamu Slide provides users with up to 6 different headset sizes instead of the usual three (S, M, L). It has additional S +, M + and L + so users can choose which foam to feel fit and wear as comfortably as possible.
Another feature is that the earpiece and the tip of this Slide are “oval” not round as usual, so it may be difficult to match the earbuds sold in the market.

Battery life

If the other TWS headphones battery life is only about 3h-6h / time, in this upgrade Pamu Slide by changing the new design has increased the use of the headset 3 times compared to the session previous version. You can listen to music up to 10hr, according to the actual test, you can listen from 9:30 am to 10 pm (depending on time), if using the supplied charger box, you can listen to a total of up to 72 hours (more than 60 hours like advertisement). An impressive battery life when compared to out-of-market true wireless headphones.

Perhaps because sacrificing the charging and housing design of the larger headphones helped Pamu Slide have such impressive battery life.

The charger of Pamu Slide headset this time has provided fast charging, if charging the headset for 5 minutes listening nearly 1hr, if charging 15 minutes listening to 3hr is similar to Airpod.

If the Pamu version before the waiting time is very poor from 5 days, the charger box may be exhausted even if you don’t use it but in Pamu Slide this time the waiting time can be up to 45 days. I tried to leave the charger box for 2 weeks but only 1/4 of the battery pack’s charger. Padmate said Pamu Slide this time has made a significant upgrade when it comes to energy consumption of 2 times less than previous versions.

Smart touch

Smart touch is one of the features that not only Pamu Slide but other headsets try to do better than Airpod when it allows at the same time to control a lot of functions. And this time, you can control the volume increase / decrease of headphones directly without using the phone anymore.

PaMu Slide: Stylish, Sporty TWS Headphones with Terrible 10 Hours Battery

However, the previous song backing mode is still missing in this Slide version. I think they can simply design the left-click two-way backward song, and press 3 times to enable the virtual assistant to be better. Volume up / down design will also see defects if you use each headset independently, you can only Increase or Decrease the volume. I like how to design the free Ticpod volume increase / decrease – Swipe up to increase the volume and swipe down to reduce the volume, no matter what ear you hear.

Sound quality & conversation

In the version of Pamu Slide this time, Padmate equipped it with a Qualcomm QCC3020 audio chip, supporting aptX code, thus improving the sound quality better. If compared to the Scroll, the disadvantages of playing music at a high volume with the maximum volume are Pamu Slide, which keeps the bass / treble stable and stable, not being flashed or glared like Scroll.

If you compare directly with Airpod, I personally think that Slide’s sound quality is more prone to warmness and warmness with more bass and Airpod sounds more clear. When opening Airpod’s maximum music volume, the treble sound is dazzling and lacks bass when compared to Slide. Therefore, depending on the type of music you hear, it can give different feelings. Pamu Slide may be more about the vibrant, fast, powerful genre of EDM, the Airpod is more powerful in light, pop, ballad, folk …. If it is more than airpod, it will not come but if you lose airpod is not really, depending on the type of music heard and depending on the device you use.

Pamu Slide’s voice quality has improved better when it has two improvements this time:

  • Design the mic to switch from the outside (on the Scroll) to the face below the inside edge of the headset. This design has the advantage that will help prevent wind from going into the Mic to help the conversation quality will be better.
  • There are 2 more Mics that sense the ambient sound to filter out the noise and only convey your voice to the other end, similar to the Mic on Airpod.

I have a real test when driving a motorbike on the road in Pamu Scroll, Slide and Airpod, resulting in the Scroll losing to Slide and Airpod. Slide slightly better than Airpod is a bit more absorbent to the mic. Overall with the new design Pamu Slide prevented better conversation quality when you were on the road, of course it only limited the wind somewhat. If you run fast or awkward, even if Airpod, Slide or other headphones can not hear clearly.

Other functions

  • Single ear mode.
    A progressive price can be said to be a single ear mode. Now that you can use each of these independent headphones smoothly after the first connection, you just need to remove any headphones that can charge the other one normally. In some cases, you may prefer to use a single ear rather than at the same time 2 headphones.
  • Wireless charging back to another device

If you leave it alone, you’ll see Pamdate’s competitive ambition when this release offers two versions: the standard version and the Plus version, just like the Airpod 2 release. Instead of supporting the wireless charging box, in Pamu Slide Plus version it will do a bit differently to support the “wireless reverse charging for other devices” function with Qi standard wireless charger. Each time you want to charge another wireless support device, just press twice the button next to the charging port, then the button’s LED will light up then you just need to set your phone up and light it. It is also a good idea to take advantage of Pamu Slide’s large charging box design with a 2000mAh battery, to cure fire when your phone runs out of battery, so it only charges about 30% more for your phone battery. .

However, it cannot charge itself on another wireless charging dock. With such a large charging box, if it provides an extra cable to charge all other devices (whether wired or wireless), it will probably score more points;).

  • Still using Bluetooth 5.0 to give far, better transmission signals. I do not see the “late” picture & sound when watching videos online.
  • Still waterproof standard IPX6 to prevent water when light rain or accidentally shot water into the product.
  • Automatically connect quickly to the phone from the second connection onwards. Play music yourself if you’re playing before.

From all of these enhancements and improvements, it is easy to see Padmate’s ambition to compete and upgrade its products to the high-end segment. That not only reflected in the design of products and materials used, but it also added new features as well as improved weaknesses in the old version to bring a better product experience for people. use. Currently the product is still being raised on Indiegogo with 2 versions: $ 49 version and Plus version $ 69 (not including ship money), a price that could not be better for a device with full technology such as so.

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