These manicure trends that we had not seen coming at all in 2022

Between chrome textures and self-adhesive letters, the most eminent nail experts give us their predictions on the new manicure trends of 2022.

Who says new year says new manicure trends. But how will our nails look in 2022? Several specialists in the sector tell us about the trends they see looming on the horizon… Surprise!!

Multicolored metallic varnishes

“Metallic is evolving. Until last year, there was a tendency to cover the entire nail, but now the range of possibilities is being expanded more and more. However, silver, unicorns, not to mention shiny chrome powders, incorporated at the base, enhance traditional styles and give them a playful, even mischievous side. We’re finally having fun!”Nail rings

“Gold and silver jewelry no longer adorn only the fingers, but also the nails. Thanks to the invention of thin three-dimensional lines and “ring effect” products, we can create jewelry of all kinds, which blend particularly well with magnetic nails”The Black-tipped French

“The base color we specially designed for the Laquan Smith show during New York Fashion Week was a nude that blended delicately with the complexion. On the other hand, the tip of the nail of this French was jet black, with very severe lines. A style that combines softness and strength: this is the future of the French manicure

Customization and customization

“Customization and customization will be at the top, in my opinion, in 2022. Thanks to pioneers like Harry Styles, who recently launched his own line, called Pleasing (which includes a capsule collection of varnishes with four different colors), this trend wants above all that everyone expresses their own beauty mood, right down to the end of their nails! Are you in a bad mood? Make yourself the black nail. Nothing could be easier to twist the next day: a single layer of Pearly Tops, a sublime iridescent, and your look, like your mood, will be transcended! Opt for a different shade per finger. Layer, experiment, play.”Letter stickers

“Beware of the surge! The letter stickers arrive, and will allow us to express our opinions and our mood at our fingertips. As in the Gucci Aria campaign, logomania and personalization will be the inevitable trends of the year. You make it simple by opting for your initials, or you display without complexes the names of your favorite brands.”

Experimental French

“The French manicure is a timeless classic. But not necessarily in pink and white. You can have a clear base and colorful tips, or you can marry your favorite colors, matte and glossy… we can even change the color for each nail!”

Quality metallic

“Metallic varnishes will gain ground. We knew about decadent chrome and glitter, but I think brands will turn to higher quality metallic varnishes and gels.”Beyond manicure trends, priority to nail health

“We’re going to care even more about nail and hand health. Brands like DiptyqueNeom and Byredo offer luxury scrubs with delicious, irresistible fragrances!”

The classic French

“The trend is for simplicity and classics, on the beauty side of nails. The new generation of French manicure will seduce us, refined, degraded or tradi. The classic, in pink and white, gives a very clean look and it goes wonderfully with all the colors of the wardrobe, so I bet the trend will hold the top of the pavement in 2022.”Matte nails

“Matte varnishes offer a different texture, without visually weighing down the manicure. The trends are for simplicity, and a matte top coat sublimates any shade. Try an opaque nude like Topless And Barefoot at Essie. It looks like brushed concrete, it’s so chic.”

The reflective glitter

“How to describe it? Imagine a cat’s eye, at night, in the light of the headlights. The reflective glitter creates exactly the same effect. In natural light, the nails have a nice gloss, but in artificial light, under the spotlight, they shine with a thousand lights! These varnishes are great, whether in base or in detail, on a French, for example, or for a gradient. And they are perfect also in pedicure.”Bling

“A bit of bling always makes its small effect. Maximalist or minimalist, the choice is yours! The “cuffs” are very pretty. We also like the little gloss placed in the same place on each nail. Many of my clients are fans of the crystal manicure, which is very popular. We fix the stones with a glue stitch and finish with a top coat. My favorite: the Couture Gel at Essie, for maximum shine and foolproof stability. For the brilliant ones, I recommend those from Preciosa.”3D

“Technology in our field is constantly evolving, and the new flagship trend is 3D manicures. A relief pattern is created with a special gel. For example, to accentuate a pre-existing design, spirals, silhouettes… The effect is super cool, it’s hitting right now in Korea and Japan.”

Blooming gel

“Blooming gel is still a niche phenomenon, but it is an exceptional product. It diffuses the varnish to the surface of the nail to create patterns while stabilizing them. It gives fascinating effects, very cool: marble, or the “snake” finish of Dua Lipa, for example. If you don’t like the gel, no problem: you can recreate the same effect by dabbing the color on a clear basis before drying. But you have to do it fast, the wetter the base, the better!”The Dark Side

“The weather is getting colder and colder, the days are getting shorter and shorter: nothing better than a dark, so chic manicure, like Adele’s in the video for “Easy On Me“. Timeless, elegant, it walks on all lengths and all nail shapes – even the shortest! Think Cab(ernet) Sauv(ignon), black grape, red-black, not to mention the dark blues and greens, for a little more originality. Essie’s Wicked varnish is one of my favorites.”

The 2000s

“The French made an epic comeback this year, and it’s just beginning. Its American variant, softer, more natural, has the wind in its sails, too. Other trends that come straight from the 2000s: the square tip (yes, it comes back, and it’s very cool), the spots and dots, the tribal tattoo pattern and the iridescent bases. On a classic French, it will make you look like you’re straight out of an episode of The Simple Life, and that’s exactly what we want.”

Inclusive nail art

“Thanks to musicians like Bad BunnyMGK and Harry Stylesmen’s manicure is getting normalized. Nail art becomes more inclusive, everyone can finally express themselves through their nails. It inspires me and it makes me want to see what’s next!”The message manicure

“Nail decals are very popular and the trend is growing because they are easy to apply, whether you are professional or not. Some brands are still diversifying their offer. The turning point I feel is that after the images, we will move on to the letters. For example, Crete, the brand of Lil Yachty, and Pleasing, that of Harry Styles, both offer alphabet decals. Expressing your mood and beliefs has never been easier!”

The nineties trend

“The nineties classics are once again unavoidable: the short, the French, the deep reds and the browns”Optical nail art

“On the nail art side, I have a lot of fun with optical patterns, such as curves, ripples, very graphic circles”

We dare!

“In 2022, we dare! We dare the patterns, the color, the texture, the length. I bet the square end will make a comeback. Purples, rich colors, and matte! Lots of matte!”

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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