What is the baby boomer?

Very prominent in recent months, the baby boomer presents himself as the successor of the French manicure. This process, originally from the United States, is the delight of nail art enthusiasts who end up with simple and chic nails and who do not go out of style.

Presentation of the technique

We know the French manicure as a simple two-tone technique. Its realization imposes the choice of a pale pink / nude color at the base of the nail and a white above in order to imitate the color of the natural nail. Care is taken to ensure that the base of the nail and the tip are clearly delineated, with a white on the top of very matte appearance, and pink at the base. Regarding the baby boomer, the lines between the two colors are more blurred. In fact, it is a natural gradient with more opaque whiteness that is made at the end of the nail. This shaded effect has the advantage of lengthening the nails. Basically, the color is quite close to the natural appearance of nails. Thus, we do not feel too fast regrowth.

If many women have adopted the baby boomer very quickly, it is partly because of the versatility of the design made. This nail art technique easily matches any type of outfit and can be worn anywhere. It is absolutely not vulgar and does not require the use of several materials for its elaboration. The baby boomer makes it possible to take on a simple look. In addition, this timeless process requires very little maintenance.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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