MongDa: The Wireless Charger With Active Cooling

MongDa is a name that could be familiar to you, especially if you are used to combing Indiegogo for interesting projects to finance or keep an eye on. It is the company that developed the Pamu Scrolls, true wireless headphones financed through the same platform and with moderate media success.

This time the company has not created a new pair of best bass wireless headphones but has focused on something else, in particular a wireless charging base that is in many ways innovative and different from what is on the market today.

Researching MongDa has discovered that one of the main defects of wireless charging is the low efficiency, which is further worsened by overheating problems which, in turn, can damage the device in charge.

For this reason MongDa has decided to develop together from other companies a product that uses new technologies and materials, so as to obtain greater efficiency during recharging and at the same time protect the smartphone.

The charger has a beautiful design, attention to detail and a nice shape that recalls the mask of the famous Batman. It is equipped with a micro USB port and supports the standards for Qi wireless charging at 5 and 10 watts, as well as the 7.5 watt standard used by Apple. In this regard, the MongDa charger can charge an iPhone from 0 to 50% in 38 minutes. For a full charge, 2.5 hours are required.

To avoid overheating problems, MongDa used a ceramic surface and inserted an intelligent cooling system that is automatically activated. It is built with a CNC aluminum component with high thermal conductivity, useful for quickly absorbing heat, and a fan that pushes hot air out of the slots provided.

The charger is able to regulate the current supplied and the rotation speed of the fan, so as not to damage the battery of the smartphone and keep its temperature always below 29 ° C.

In the event that the latter exceeds the maximum threshold, or if the device detects the presence of extraneous metal objects between itself and the smartphone, the recharge will be interrupted automatically to avoid any damage.

If you are interested in the MongDa project and want to finance it, you can go to the dedicated Indiegogo page. To get a “super early bird” (ie one of the first versions produced) 26 euros are required, 70% less than the final price set by the company.

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