Decoding Why PaMu Scroll Headphones Raised 3 Million USD on Indiegogo

A pair of headphones is being advertised wildly, and selling is also very great, but the actual quality of use is as expected?

About 5 months ago, I tried the pair of headphones called Padmate PaMu X13, a product that was “raging” on the Indiegogo site when it reached nearly 1 million USD, exceeding the target by 9.380%. Inherently, Padmate continues to develop another product to satisfy users’ expectations, promising to fix the first version’s bugs, along with adding new features to experience. Use becomes more perfect.

And Padmate PaMu Scroll BT 5.0 (real name is long!) was born. This product was even more successful than the first version when it collected $ 3,381,088 (or three times more than PaMu X13), exceeding the capitalization target by 15.361% (153 times)! This is indeed the dream figure of any manufacturer posting their product to Indiegogo.

But as mentioned in the first version review, the capital technology product must comply with the criteria of ‘good wood than good paint’. A pair of monumental headphones, loudly advertised, but the sound quality was not as expected, it wasn’t worth the money at all. But there are products that are not too popular, but surpass user expectations.

So Padmate PaMu Scroll is beautiful, so how good is it?

Like the first version, the PaMu Scroll has a very simple, small and square box.

Decoding Why PaMu Scroll Headphones Raised 3 Million USD on Indiegogo

The back has some key features, including a skin charger, self-power off to save battery, touch, battery life of 3.5 hours and call a virtual assistant. We also have an introduction to different versions including Glory Edition(Brown), Graphene (Black), Sakura (Pink) and their version of Rock n ‘Roll(Sienna).

Beat the box, we see the earphones and the first charging box.

The deeper ‘Beet’, the more micro USB charging cords and 2 small and large sockets (medium-sized medium) are added. Talking again and again, it became boring, but I hope firms that make headphones and portable speakers to switch to USB-Type Type C charger are better.

PaMu Scroll Review: Wireless is Always Better

The most advertised element, and even the name of the product, is the charger box. This box is designed as an old book, with a leather ‘wing’ similar to a cover, which can be opened and closed with magnets. This is definitely the charger box for the most beautiful true wireless headphones I’ve ever experienced.

The micro USB charging port is placed next to the side, surrounded by a 4 LED system to indicate the remaining battery in the box.

This box has a magnet, so the user to put the headset in close, it will ‘suck’ in, the headset is always in place, not much adjusted.

But it must be said that this charger box still has drawbacks. Due to the hollow design of the ear and the ‘wing’ part made of soft leather, there are 2 small holes that we can sink. I use headphones within 1 week, this is not a big problem, but it is difficult to ensure durability if used long term.

The box is also advertised by the company as being capable of wireless charging with the Qi standard, but users must also put an extra accessory on. According to my company integrated into the box, it will be much more convenient, helping to make users spend time and money to buy an ‘accessory for accessories’, very confused.

Headphones must be integrated with all components such as diaphragm, battery, decoder should be quite thick, but according to the advertising company has an ‘ergonomically designed’ so it also wears more comfortably than other products. Using in fact, the comfort level I think is’ okay ‘, because it feels light, but because of the long sounding tube, the headphones’ stick out’ from the users’ ears much, cannot listen to music or teams helmet.

There are 2 main features of the earpiece that are worth mentioning: touch control and water resistance. The ear has IPX6 waterproof standard, which does not stop at water immersion level but can resist strong water injection. I have never tried to use a nozzle to wash my ears, but one thing is for sure, when I go to the rain, the ears will be fully tolerated, so using them on the road is also more reassuring.

The outside of the headset is 2 touch-sensitive faces, which can be used to stop / play music, call virtual assistants (Siri or Google Assistant) and transfer songs. This type of touch control is objectively rated better than the button, especially on inner headphones because when used, we do not have to press the earpiece further into the ear canal so it creates a feeling more comfortable. The inside of the headset does not have any additional technology, only contact pins for receiving power.

The headset has an independent playing time of 3 hours and 30 minutes, and when used with the charging box will increase to 10 hours and 30 minutes. Compared to the completely wireless pair of headphones in the market, PaMu Scroll has an average stop time, lost to AirPods and a few products from other brands.

Technical specifications

  • Dynamic speaker membrane
  • Response range: 20 – 20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 97dB
  • Weight: 5g
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Battery life: 3.5 – 10.5 hours
  • IPX6 waterproof

One of the biggest upgrade points of Scroll besides its outstanding design is that it uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard, allowing for a maximum reduction of latency. The first version of Padmate PaMu was not too late, but Scroll took another step when there was almost zero delay when using Bluetooth 5.0-enabled smartphones. This is a great advantage, making it possible for users to use headphones in a versatile way, not restricting their listening to music.

Read here, maybe you think this is a perfect product, very few points of criticism, and the criticism is not too important. But the point is that the headphones are not worth the money in their opinion is in its main task: sound reproduction.

The overall sound quality is slightly darker, favoring the bass in accordance with the advertisement ‘Deep bass’ on Indiegogo. The bass part is also not too bad when showing the amount of thickness, each beating down has power and impresses right from the first listening. Post Can’t sleep love – Pentatonix through the expression of PaMu Scroll is really outstanding, when the bass-creating headphones of Avi Kaplan are very strong, have good punchy in the mid bass range and are not lost. force too fast in the sub bass.

But things get worse when we come to the middle band. Most singers’ voices (not belonging to the bass band) are very thin, not thick enough to create closeness when listening. The headset has this phenomenon because the low-mid (low-mid) segment is quite weak, almost does not receive warmth from the lower band. The higher the singer, the sharper the vocalist, the higher the high-mid part is having the problem of sibalance when listening to high volume.

Doris Day in Dream a little dream of me is cold, especially every time you raise your voice, it makes a sound like the metal plate under the rain! Actually I’ve tried many headphones up until now, and no pair of headphones (including the first pair of Padmate PaMu) encountered this phenomenon, so is this the fault of the batch, or all pairs of Scrolls are they different? In order to verify the information when doing the lesson, I also found some reviews with the same sound description, so we can confirm that this is a common sound, not a pair of styles.

The sound trend of the middle band continues in the high sound. The hi-hat in Take Five – Dave Brubeck is very thin, not really dazzling but there is no mercury, almost released and immediately interrupted. In the market there is no shortage of high-pitched headphones, or simply there is not much to stand out, but the high-pitched sound of PaMu Scroll can be judged as bad, because it spills into the bands Other tones make the overall sound feel unbalanced.


Evaluating the pair of Padmate PaMu Scroll headphones, I feel like I have encountered Déjà Vu, this article has the same structure as the preceding pair of Padmate PaMu X13 earphones. Both pairs of headphones have a great design, along with features that are hard to beat, but ultimately make me not convinced in sound reproduction.

Honestly, I really want this pair of headphones good, because before I borrow a couple to evaluate I also intend to spend money to buy to use, simply because the ears are so beautiful, so eye-catching and promise I have a lot of appointments, but after experiencing the reality, I feel a bit disappointed. If PaMu only design the outer workpiece, how good is it to adjust the sound to another company?


  • Great design, both modern and classic
  • IPX6 waterproof (high standard)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 standard reduces latency
  • There is touch control
  • Strong bass, suitable for bass-heads


  • Battery life is not impressive
  • Designed with a bit thick, it is not suitable for small ears
  • Negative balance, can be sibalance
  • The sound is very thin and also damages the overall texture of the sound

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