Bridal manicures, our tips and ideas

Which woman doesn’t want to be beautiful all the way to your fingertips on your wedding day, but it’s not that simple. The choice of shadows, nail art ideas, and the prolonged holding time of nail polish all require some skill. Please follow our expert’s recommendations!

What lacquer color should you choose?

Gel prostheses and very white French manicures are no longer popular this season… We prefer to wear nude shades that are slightly transparent or opaque over the entire length of the nails. The perfect tones and make our hands chic and neat!

Other more original trends have also appeared, such as:

  • Pastel colors, such as sky blue, water green and parma. Three shades that go very well with the white of wedding dresses. Cover these nail polishes with a matte effect top coat to give the nails the very delicate and romantic look of a dragee.
  • The white manicure, provided your dress is not off-white or slightly cream.

A bit of nail art!

For those who would like to bring a little sparkling touch to their manicure, get a silver or gold glitter top coat. Apply it as an accent nail or as a French on bare or varnished nails.

Our tips for flawless nails

  • Three months beforehand, nourish your hands every evening and massage your cuticles with a specific oil.
  • 4 days earlier, perform a gentle exfoliation on your hands.
  • The day before the wedding, do your manicure and fix it with a top coat. To prevent small scales from appearing, apply it also on their edge.
  • On D-Day, ask your witness to slip the nail polish you used for your manicure, a drying accelerator top coat and a hand cream into their bag.

In addition to these mentioned above, you will need to take regular care for your nails using manicure kit. If you don’t have any manicure supplies, check out our Maryton website, where there are all kinds of nail beauty products.

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