3 good reasons to adopt the revisited French manicure

As a kind of manicure, French manicure is very popular with women. Why? Because it is not only easy to do, but also elegant. Here’s 3 good reasons to adopt the revisited French manicure, take out your manicure kits and follow us.

1. Play on the details with two colors

Apply a transparent varnish then draw a white line on the last three millimeters of the nails. Draw a blue line on the last millimeter of the free edge then apply a top coat.

2. Bring a glittery touch to the nails

Apply a peach varnish then apply a top coat on the edge of the nails. Without waiting for it to dry, dip your fingers in a small cup containing glitter. Let it dry then remove the excess material with a brush.

3. Give a tone-on-tone effect

Apply a pinkish gray varnish then highlight the edge of the nails with a metallic gray shade using manicure stickers. Don’t wait for the varnish to dry before removing the stickers. Wear on short nails.

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