Padmate’s Earphones PaMu Unique Hand-on Test

All tech-savvy companies seem to want to produce their line of true wireless headphones these days, and the Chinese company Padmate is no exception. So here we are offered the PaMu Slide Mini and the PaMu Unique, two types of headphones that are actually just one.

In front of the flood of products which all end up looking a little like one, one can understand the will of a company to want to create its own “niche”. For Padmate, this distinction seems to go through “covers” or “envelopes” which can be decked out in the PaMu Unique earphones case. It is in fact a small “carpet” with magnetic tips, the main purpose of which is above all to prevent the casing, which is cylindrical in shape and does not really have any roughness, to start rolling and, possibly, to fall to the ground somewhere.

IFDesign Award-2020 Awarded Padmate PaMu Scroll Bluetooth Headphones

The most enlightened consumers will directly wonder why the PaMu Unique case has been designed in the form of a cylinder; with the exception of literally creating a need for these interchangeable “covers”, of which we honestly don’t care about the color or the pattern – it is a simple case, after all – we can not imagine why engineers would spend time creating such a thing … or why we would make it a selling point for headphones.

And yet the headphones themselves offer good quality sound. Synchronization with the device playing music – a smart phone, in this case – was fragile, initially, once this step was completed, there was nothing wrong with the operation of the two earbuds. Well, the bass level left something to be desired, but that seems to be the case with all headphones that not only do not wrap the ear, but also do not completely block the ear canal. Let’s not talk about the “noise canceling” option either, but the rubbers located at the end of the headphones allow us to avoid the fear that they will fall off in the event of sudden movement, as is somewhat the case with FreeBuds 3 , from Huawei.

No, frankly you have to wonder why a consumer with the slightest awakening would want to buy the PaMu Unique… especially since the PaMu Slide Mini are exactly the same model of headphones, but with a rather reduced case which has the advantage of not leaving alone on an adventure, and which costs less! Really, it is to understand nothing.

If it is necessary to get wireless headphones at a frankly reasonable price, in short, PaMu Slide will certainly get the job done relatively efficiently. And to hell with the customization of what is, in fact, just a plastic shell that also acts as a charger.

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