What is the Different from Hearing Amplifier and Hearing Aids?

The hearing aids or the hearing amplifiers, is an apparatus that has existed for many years, but which has a fairly recent success, especially since it can be bought in pharmacies, without any medical prescription. Obviously, its acquisition is simplified, and it is therefore an accessory that we want to try when we begin to have hearing problems, and we do not want to turn to tailor-made hearing aids .

Is it really a good solution and is the hearing amplifier really effective for everyone? We give you our opinion on this type of material and its use.

There is indeed a fairly common confusion between the hearing aid and the hearing amplifier. These are really two totally different devices, which must not be confused. This confusion is due to some professionals, who take advantage of this similarity between the products and their names, to seek to sell more … This is dishonest, and in some cases, the hearing amplifier has no use.

A hearing aid is made to measure. It requires several appointments with an ear specialist, then with a hearing care professional, who will design a device perfectly adapted to the shape of your ear, and respond to your type of deafness.

The hearing amplifier and the listening assistant are sold in pharmacies, without control of your ability to hear and signals that you receive more or less well. They consist of a microphone, a speaker, and an amplifier, but the resemblance does not go away.

The hearing amplifier does not adapt to the hearing of a patient, and you can not adjust anything more than the volume. However, it is the personalization and the technicality of a hearing aid made to measure, which really make it possible to obtain satisfactory results, in particular to find a level of correct comprehension.

Finally, when you decide to wear a hearing aid, you get advice and follow-up from a hearing care professional. It is often this relationship of trust and the regular settings of the device, which provide the ideal compromise to hear as naturally as possible.

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