What are the main causes of white spots on the nails?

In fact, infections, underlying medical conditions, and even injuries can cause different types of white spots. Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you what are the main causes of white spots on the nails!

Fungal infection

Superficial white onychomycosis is a common nail fungus that causes small white dots to appear on your nails.

Damage or allergic reactions associated with nail products

Acrylic or gel-based nail products can damage your nails and cause these white spots to appear. Additionally, an allergic reaction to nail products can also cause discoloration and white spots.

Mineral deficiency

Some studies suggest that calcium deficiency does not lead to white spots on nails. However, overall nail health depends on an adequate intake of minerals. A deficiency in these minerals can have a negative effect on the composition of the nail plate and make it vulnerable.

Other causes

More rarely, white spots on the nails can be due to underlying conditions such as heart disease, kidney failure and pneumonia. Arsenic poisoning can also be responsible for white nail discoloration. Systemic diseases can also cause white nail discoloration in rare cases.

OK! I believe you have know the main causes of white spots on the nails. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure and pedicure set to care for your nails!

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