What should I polish my nails with?

Polishing your nails is a critical step in the preparation and maintenance of your nails. What does it consist of? Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will give you answers in this blog. Let’s go around!

First of all, you should know that there are different grits of polisher, from very fine grit to coarse coarse grit and the results are different.

The coarse grit used almost to file the edge of the nail, to give the shape of the nail and to reduce bumps or hollows on the surface of the nail.

The medium grit really serves to smooth, polish and mattify the nail. It is this polisher that must be used before applying a semi-permanent varnish, it will remove anything that will interfere with the grip of the varnish. It is at this stage of the preparation of the nail that you eliminate the imperfections of the nail and gives it a better adhesion, for a varnish that lasts longer.

The fine grain to polish your nail, make it smooth and shiny. The extra-fine grain, almost smooth for a total shine of the nail. It’s two polishers are to be used between two manicures or after removal.

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