Why not try polygel?

In the world of manicure and pedicure, polygel represents an innovative technique, but above all easy to apply. It is precisely for this simplicity that it is chosen by many women who wish to have perfect nails and hands. In this article, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you about polygel.

Also called acrylic gel or acrygel, polygel is a product that is used in beauty salons or at home for the embellishment or reconstruction of the nails. It consists of a mixture of UV gel and acrylic resin that sublimates nails very well, making them resistant and strong. Besides, it is both easy to apply and very light.

The polygel contains gel that hardens in the UV lamp under a catalyst, and an acrylic resin. This is made of polymer that hardens in the open air. Its texture allows it not to flow like acrylic liquid. In addition, polygel can exist in different colors and different sizes.

OK! I believe you have know the polygel. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete professional manicure kit to care for your nails!

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