What is onychoplasty?

Are your nails repeatedly damaged and starting to look unsightly? Don’t worry, there are solutions to this problem: onychoplasty. In this article, Your nail supply specialist Maryton will present to you what onychoplasty is.

Onychoplasty is a podiatry treatment performed by a pedicure-podiatrist in the office. It is a process that allows the simple reconstruction of the nail thanks to a nail prosthesis. It is made following damage to the nail due to trauma, psoriasis or fungus for example. The purpose is to protect the nail bed.

Toenails take about a year to grow. The growth of the skin around the nails will be facilitated. The advantages of a nail prosthesis are that it will direct the formation of the natural nail and protect the nail and surrounding tissue from any further damage.

OK! I am sure you already know what onychoplasty is. Besides, I advise you to invest in a complete pedicure kit to care for your toenails!

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