False nails: good or bad ideas?

It is certain that false nails are a relatively durable solution to avoid redoing your manicure every week. A wide choice of pattern and colors is offered by the “beautysts” of the nails for the unconditional. But do we only know the risks posed by false nails?

When and why opt for fake nails?

False nails are very popular. Adolescent girls started the trend, now closely followed by older people. If the practice was mainly aesthetic, today we are witnessing a new art: nail art. And it also involves wearing false nails that beauticians decorate in a thousand and one ways. Those who think their nails are too small find a great way to lengthen their finger. Varnishes that flake too quickly will now be a thing of the past, knowing that some varnishes are permanent. But even if this fashion would restore colors to the hands, we are not unaware that the dangers are never far away.

What do we expose ourselves to with false nails?

The glue used to fix the false nails on the real ones can be of poor quality. So much so that it is difficult to remove them. At the time of removing the fake, it tends to peel off the natural nail, that is, keratin. If this vision of horror may be rare, the weakening of natural nails is less so. In addition, the installation of these accessories is at the origin of some bacterial infections. We will not forget to mention that the acrylic resin used for their manufacture can cause eczema and irritation.

How to behave in relation to false nails?

It is better to avoid false nails to beautify your fingers. It can be used, but by renouncing the dubious places that offer the service. Preference will therefore be given to institutes of good renown. In addition, it is strongly recommended to wear false nails in a circumstantial way, for example at Christmas or on your birthday. If you really like the effect that these give on the hands, you will opt for capsules rather than modeled false nails. It is further advisable to get rid of these accessories after a week.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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