PaMu earbuds: Never Fall Out. Let’s explain why!

Apple released AirPods Pro these days, and you can see they use in-ear tip design which is totally different from the last two version of AirPods. If you are PaMu user for a while, you will know PaMu earphones have used in-ear tip design since our very first product, more than 2 years earlier than Apple!

To control noise and achieve much better sound quality, in-ear design is a must. However, it is not easy to design a good in-ear design. Many people complained that AirPods Pro is easy falling out, and not comfortable. You see, even Apple still met some problems. Since we have studied in this direction for a very long time, PaMu buds have some very unique and patented designs.

PaMu Slide Mini: True Wireless Earphones with Excellent Noise Cancelling
  • The shape of earphones is very important! We have used big data to modeling many people ear shape and make our final shape. It is not simple earphone shape, it is from numerous design and testing results!
  • The thickness of the tips is also very important. And that need to match with user’s ear shape and size. That’s why we provides several pairs of tips to match different ear shape.
  • The material of the tips is counted! The surface roughness and tensions of the tip material are playing great roles.
  • It is very very hard to make earbuds fit both firmly and comfort. But we make it! If you google “PaMu never fall out”, you will find so many reviews about this point.

We just pick up several cool and professional video to demo

A professional runner from Chicago fully tested PaMu earbuds for running, conclusion: Never Fall Out!

Ronnie Shalvis is a world top parkour/ free running athlete and stunt man with 1.3 million subscribers Youtube channel. He highly recommended PaMu Slide Mini and these earphones really never fall out!

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