What is a semi-permanent varnish manicure?

Semi-permanent polish is a very popular nail technique, both at home and in nail studios. But, do you really understand semi-permanent varnish manicure? Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will give you answers. Keep reading!

A semi-permanent nail polish manicure is a treatment that uses a soft gel similar to nail polish. The result of the semi-permanent varnish is a very shiny manicure that lasts up to 4 weeks without unraveling, flaking or cracking.

A semi-permanent manicure differs from a regular nail polish treatment in that the semi-permanent must be cured under a UV/LED lamp. Semi-permanent varnish is made up of short chains of molecules that connect into long chains during the catalysation process in the lamp. Therefore, semi-permanent nail polish is much harder and lasts much longer than regular nail polish.

Another great advantage of the semi-permanent varnish manicure is that it is immediately hard as soon as you remove your nails from the lamp. Therefore, you do not suffer from long drying times, as is the case with regular nail polish. The result is a perfect, shiny and long-lasting manicure.

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