How to remove semi-permanent varnish?

Have you applied semi-permanent nail polish and now you’re wondering how to remove semi-permanent nail polish yourself in just 10 minutes? Keep reading! Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will explain to you.

Two methods are available to you! You can either remove it by soaking your fingers or letting them soak. First, to remove the semi-permanent, sand your nails with a buffing block.

1. I soak my fingers to remove my semi-permanent varnish

Pour melt solution into the soaking tray or Nails Soackers and soak your fingers for 10 minutes. Then remove the remaining residue with a wooden stick.

2. To remove my semi-permanent varnish, I let my nails soak

Use aluminum foil with built-in compresses, soaking it in cast iron solution. Then, wrap it around the finger and position the clip on the finger. Leave on for 10 minutes. To remove remaining residue, use a wooden stick.

In just 10 minutes, your semi-permanent varnish is removed! In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete professional manicure kit to care for your nails!

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